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David Rigano


David is thrilled to be back with Me the People having Assistant Directed last summer's run at The Triad. His long history working with Nancy Holson also includes stage managing News in Revue at Queens Theatre in the Park and Can I Really Date a Guy Who Wears a Yarmulke at Theatre Row and The Knitting Factory (both directed by Jay Falzone). He has directed Nutcracker! the Musical in workshops and its initial production at Westchester Sandbox Theatre, as well as the interactive comedies Housewives of Secaucus and Wild Women of Planet Wongo (currently running at the Chopin Theatre in Chicago). As a writer, David penned music and/or lyrics for Facing East, The Holy Cows of Credence South Dakota, and You Heard It Here (New York Winterfest award winner, Best Musical Score). David is one half of The Rigano Songbook, with his brother Paul Rigano. Together they created the hit cabaret series "I Ought to Behave" and other Naughty Songs, The Ides of March Extravaganza and the web seriesBroadway On Deck. Their song "What Makes a Diva" has been performed by Christina Bianco in venues all over the world and has over 100,000 views on YouTube. Follow David on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube: @RiganoSongbook.

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