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Aiesha Dukes is a Midwest native turned Brooklynite 5 years in. She is just in love with the fact that her fifth year in the city will be marked by her time spent in Me The People which is her first true passion project of a lifetime in the Theater. 

She has been appearing regularly at the Parkside Lounge every Thursday and Friday as Wongette Diana in the 6 month off Broadway run of Wild Women of Wongo, featured in Time Out New York, Den of Geek, and at several comicons . She started Wongo right after she came off of her Midwest Tour for the National Park Service in their production of Lift Every Voice a production which was honored with a feature in the LA Times as well as several other local papers along the route. As an artist she is overjoyed to be surrounded with a cast and production team that is so dedicated to be a part of the resistance. It is her hope that the show can, through entertainment, awaken people to their power to influence and change the world by simply paying attention and speaking up.

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